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Friends and family,

I am so excited to share my first Pour With Purpose newsletter with you! I am three days away from my move to Diromo, Nicaragua and I can not tell you how excited I am to embark on this new journey in my life!

As a lot of you know I held a benefit event in October named “Pour With Purpose”. Since the event I have fallen in love with this name and the message behind it. So much so that I would like to extend it into its own market! I am working towards turning Pour With Purpose into a brand. A goal of mine, for PWP, is to raise money through merchandise and events to help support missions like mine and many others. Of course, this will all come in time!

The reason behind the name, Pour With Purpose, is to remind the community that every person has a purpose and it is up to us to help remind everyone of their own. In doing so we are not only pouring into others, but ourselves. Many times, our well can run dry and we look to our friends, family, or God for support that fills up. I have a desire to advocate others passions, pour into communities, and help to validate them all while spreading the word of God. 

While in Nicaragua, I hope to spread this newfound passion that The Lord has given me by blessing others. During my time, I will be teaching in a school owned by a non-profit organization called Los Rayos de Esperanza. Los Rayos is a remarkable non-profit owned by one of the most hard-working women I have encountered with. I am so honored to be working alongside this organization and I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for not only me, but the other teachers and children. As I move forward I would like to humbly ask for prayer. I want to share with you five ways you could be praying for my missions not only this next week, but through the year: 

  • Safety: For God to keep a hand of safety on everyone during the year.
  • Humility: To have a spirit of humility and to willingly ask God for wisdom.
  • Boldness: Boldness as we all share the gospel or preach.
  • Faith: To walk in faith during both the valleys and mountaintops. 
  • Hunger: For God to provide a hunger and thirst for Him and for His word.

hat wraps it up for my first official newsletter! I will continue to send these out monthly with information, stories, pictures, and more. Thank you again for pouring into me daily. I am excited to pour that same love and support to others while in Nicaragua!  

Dios te bendiga!